• Will my nutrition plan be prepared by real nutrition expert?
  • Yes, your nutrition list will be prepared by real nutrition experts.
  • What kind of questions can I ask to my dietitian?
  • You can ask anything you want to know about healthy life to your special expert.
  • Is FitBest free?
  • FitBest is a platform that aims engaging users and healthy life experts each other. You should go premium to have personal nutrition plan and asking questions to your special dietitian. You should pay nothing for all other modules.
  • How can I go to premium?
  • There are several payment methods to go premium. You can use your credit card or PayPal account for upgrading your account to premium via FitBest website. Also you can upgrade to premium via your IOS device with in-app purchases.
  • How can I cancel my iTunes subscription?
  • You can follow steps below to cancel your iTunes subscription.