Terms of Use

Users and members are required to read and accept the responsibilities and rules regulated in the following articles in order to use www.fitbest.co use website and / or become members, and also to benefit from the services provided by the website.

Website : defines www.fitbest.com or the Mobile Application operating under FITBEST brand,
User: Defines the people who visit the Website and non-members,
Standard Member : Defines the members of the Website who agree to the terms of use,
Premium Member : Defines the members of the Website who agree to the terms of use and accepted to use the features of the Website for a a certain fee.
Expert : Defines the persons those having the licensed or registered, Dietician, Sports Physician or Fitness Trainer titles and having feedback and content related to training, nutrition and fitness exercises.
Hereby Agreement has been approved between TEKNASYON SOFTWARE INDUSTRY AND TRADE COMPANY LIMITED who is the operator of the WEBSITE and owner of FITBEST brand and the MEMBER who has agreed to the terms of use in electronic media.
WEBSITE is established for informing the Members nutrition education, eating habits, eating disorders, weight management, fitness, exercise and general health by gathering the Members and the Experts. All information and content on the WEBSITE is not intended for medical treatment and diagnostic purposes.
WEBSITE is an informational and educational platform. None of the information contained on this website and /or the Expert advice does imply examination, disease diagnosis, personal analysis, personal recipe, and it does not claim to take the place of Client - Expert relationship . Answers of the Experts, the content prepared by the Expert including reviews, texts, videos, tables are intended only for giving information and ideas. Stopping and changing the treatment of an existing eating disorder, hormonal / metabolic diseases and hereditary effects according to the information on the site is not recommended.
Becoming a MEMBER is mandatory to the WEBSITE in order to benefit from all of the content on the WEBSITE. Becoming a MEMBER is mandatory in order to ask questions to Experts, to see previously asked questions, to access the content prepared by Experts, to participate in various online discussions and to see online Experts. WEBSITE may also offer some content to non-MEMBER standard users.
WEBSITE reserves the right to modify/limit the contents and properties of the services that it offers at all times. This provision shall not be interpreted as limiting the rights granted to Premium Members. WEBSITE always has the right to change the scope and shape of the content that will be presented as paid / free at any time.
WEBSITE does not confirm the accuracy of the opinions, answers given by the Experts and the content prepared by the Experts, and does not control the content. WEBSITE can never be held responsible for opinions and information given by the experts.
Experts in the WEBSITE, do not have a right to claim the fees and costs from its MEMBERS and Users for their activities within the WEBSITE under any circumstances.
SITE can not guarantee the operation of Experts personally or corporately on the Website on a regular basis. EXPERTS on the site are not the permanent Expert on the WEBSITE .
User and MEMBER shall not exhibit any defamation, slander, subversive behavior, unethical behavior and etc. in talks with each other or experts, correspondences, questions and comments. In these kind of behaviors, WEBSITE has the right to restrict, stop, and suspend the User's or Member's access to the WEBSITE, and cancel the Membership status.
WEBSITE is entitled to stop its existing services for a reasonable time for technical maintenance, unavoidable internet outages and other requirements. WEBSITE can adopt usage rules and policies regarding the services provided, and can always change them unilaterally. User and Member, agrees to abide by the hereby rules and policies.
WEBSITE can give 'links' to other websites and / or portals, mobile applications, files or content owned and operated by third parties. These links may be provided for ease of reference. Giving these links does not carry the intention of supporting that website, mobile application or their operators, and it does not imply any representation or warranty as to content of the website or mobile application.
MEMBER accepts, acknowledges and declares that the WEBSITE is an informational and educational platform, none of the information contained on this website and /or the Expert advice does imply examination, disease diagnosis, personal analysis personal recipe and it does not claim to take the place of Client - Expert relationship and WEBSITE can never be held responsible for opinions and information given by the experts.
MEMBER accepts, acknowledges and declares to provide accurate and complete information including on his/her height, weight, body size, life summary, dietary habits, physical fitness and movement habits, medical history, health risks to the WEBSITE for providing the most accurate and immediate results by the nutrition education and weight tracking system offered on the site , and otherwise, not to hold the WEBSITE responsible for not reaching the targeted results or possible health problems that may occur or material / immaterial damages.
MEMBER accepts and undertakes not to infringe the intellectual and property and personal rights of 3rd parties and personalities, as well as not engage in actions such as defamation, slander and cursing while using the WEBSITE.
MEMBER declares to benefit from the site for personal purposes only, and not to make any service, whether commercial or noncommercial, used by other individuals and no to transfer any service, whether paid or unpaid, to others.
MEMBER accepts and declares that services referred to the service fee are the instantly carried out services and in monthly / yearly or at certain periodic memberships, fee refund, deduction and transfer demands can not be claimed due to not using the service.
MEMBER, as well as being the sole responsible for the accuracy of the information that was provided during becoming a member to the WEBSITE and for the protection of the user passwords, acknowledges that issues related to security, storage, retention of the information from the 3rd persons and unauthorized uses are his/her responsibility. WEBSITE , directly or indirectly, has no responsibility related to the damage suffered or may be suffered by the members and / or third parties for all their due to their negligence and defects by the MEMBERS on subjects including the security, storage, retention of the tools providing access to the system from the 3rd persons and unauthorized uses.
MEMBER, is responsible for the adequacy of the internet access services of the hardware (device) that is used for access to the WEBSITE and cannot hold WEBSITE responsible due to inability to have access / use the services for the hereby reasons.
All rights related to all images, database, information, documents and all kinds of materials within the WEBSITE are reserved to WEBSITE, and USERS and MEMBERS have the right only to view the services found in the WEBSITE as far as allowed. The author of the content of the answers, articles, videos, texts, images etc. created by experts is EXPERT, and WEBSITE has the right to use the fully licensed rights granted to the author of the hereby content to be published on the site . MEMBER and USER are not entitled to use the content in the nature of work by WEBSITE and EXPERTS except for their personal purposes. MEMBER and USER declares and undertakes that he/she will not copy any of the content found in the WEBSITE, will not replicate except for personal benefits, distribute, and present to the use and benefit of 3rd parties, whether commercial or noncommercial.
The only exception to this Article, with the condition that it does not interfere with the link, connection and other descriptive data, are the social media accounts given permission to share via WEBSITE for personal use.
The conditions that are non-existent at the time of signing this contract which are unpredictable and evolving beyond the control of the parties, which make one or both of the parties for the fulfillment of the debts and obligations partially or completely in accordance with the contract which are listed in the Code of Obligations, and malfunctions that may occur in the Internet infrastructure, outages, actions that could lead to disruption of services that the WEBSITE receive by 3rd party service sites are accepted as force majeure. In the event of force majeure lasts for more than 30 days, the parties have the right for the termination of this contract unilaterally and without compensation.
Declarations and reservations of the WEBSITE on personal information and privacy on page legal disclaimers Privacy Statement declared by the WEBSITE in the relevant page is an integral part of this contract.
MEMBER can end his/her membership at any time on the WEBSITE. As the services referred to the service fee are the instantly carried out services, fee refund can not be claimed in case of MEMBERSHIP cancellation.
WEBSITE can suspend / cancel the MEMBERSHIP of the MEMBER unilaterally and without notice, in failure to comply with the rules written in the hereby contract , and may apply to technical blockings that will prevent the MEMBER to benefit from the WEBSITE again.
Any disputes under this contract that may arise between WEBSITE and MEMBER shall be primarily be resolved by Compromise. Parties, in failure to achieve conciliation, accept and declare the authority of ISTANBUL Central Courts and Execution Directorates.